Welcome to DailyBubble – 7/26/21 Announcement

Welcome to the DailyBubble Platform! We thank you for joining us on this journey and for pioneering as one of the first subscribers to our platform. What we have created here is a Social Media platform that relates to the financial market, we will also be providing articles and news for you to enjoy at your leisure. Use this platform to your full advantage and enjoy the perks of freedom of expression and peace of mind with your data. We know just as well as you do how annoying ads can be on free platforms (not to mention invasive), which is why we charge you $3 per month (or $30 per year) to simply show you no ads at all.

As we progress we would like to be able to provide more and better content to you. Our small monthly (or yearly) fee will also allow the team of DailyBubble to not only expand the efforts in which you see but also to innovate and create more value from our platform. Through analyzing our competitors, we have found that many similar services do not seem to expand beyond their initial service(s), in other words, they don’t strive to be a full-package service. Our service will be a progressive one, in which we will continue to strive to provide the most value and the best user experience to you. This payment will push our platform through the stratosphere and will expand it beyond our wildest dreams.

Please take full advantage of the Articles, Groups, Forums, & Charts within the website. Ask questions, discuss your topics of interest, and most importantly make connections with others within these areas. The Alerts and Learning Page are still being put together as of this current time, more on this will be provided soon! We also plan on implementing a full-extensive Trading Log for you to use to your full advantage through the ability to track your trades and watching your progression seamlessly over time. All of these areas, within the platform, will be enhanced and more will be provided to you all as time goes on. 

Keep in mind, this platform has been fully self-funded and operated through the two (2) Founders which you may read up on within the ‘About Us’ section. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions, please, feel free to use the “Rules, Support & Website Suggestions” Forum to express your thoughts to us. We want to hear from you and really expand this platform to its greatest potential. Please be patient with us as we work through any kinks and changes as they come, we promise it will be well worth it to be a part of such a free and encouraging platform! Thank you again for partaking in this journey with us, we are excited to show you.


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indicac~ao binance
5 months ago

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5 months ago

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