DailyBubble empowers traders and investors by providing accessible financial news and information, inspiring confident decisions.

Our Vision

DailyBubble envisions becoming a seamless channel for financial information and communication, aspiring to be your central hub that promotes research and development toward individual financial prosperity and goals.

Why DailyBubble?

We aim to be your go-to destination for researching and discussing your favorite financial topics. Currently in our early stages of growth, we are committed to delivering an exceptional service. As our vibrant community expands, expect more content and an enhanced user experience. Exciting developments lie ahead, and we can’t wait to share them with you!


DailyBubble supplies TradingView charts for top-end technical analysis that strides above any other web-charting platform. TradingView provides our platform with next-gen web charting that is in line with industry-leading technical experiences. Their platform provides you with interactive content and a robust engine for beginner to advanced chartists. Our ultimate focus with TradingView is to provide top-notch screening, live-data feeds, and technical charting for both investors and traders alike.

The Back Story​

DailyBubble started with the idea of providing a quick-overview of stocks moving pre-market for traders to get an easy breakdown, per stock, for potential day-trades. Breaking this down into an easily readable format was the inception of DailyBubble, to make easy judgements for intra-day activity. As we started growing the idea it quickly evolved into more of a vision with a social atmosphere, so that others could bring in their perspectives on the daily market moves. We thought this was great, but we needed something else, which is where we brought in more of a generality of news to provide even more information. With a blend of these ideas, we bring to you, DailyBubble. Our website isn’t just for the quote, unquote “day trader” it is for anyone that is looking to grow individually as an investor or trader, DailyBubble encompasses the market, not just the daily ups and downs. Remember, this is just the beginning.

Frequently asked questions

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