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04 Oct, 2023
Stock have been in a steep sell-off of late and poised for a bounce here in the near term. Can we expect a dead cat bounce here? Or will the stock market crash continue for the foreseeable future?
Markets made big moves lower today, and this Breakout Pullback might give us (3) ways to make easy money tomorrow!
In this video, Ira Epstein reviews the activity in the Financial Markets after the day that just ended, Tuesday, October 3.
03 Oct, 2023
Stocks recently posted their worst month and first negative quarter of 2023 as the possibility of interest rates remaining higher for longer weighed on investors' sentiment.
In a tumultuous day for Wall Street, a widespread sell-off sent shockwaves through the financial landscape as U.S. stocks faced the ...
The dramatic run-up in stocks seen in the first half of the year has run out of steam.
Treasury yields continued to rise on Tuesday, with the 10-year yield reaching its highest level since 2007. Stocks took a hit, with the ...
The Nasdaq led losses as rising Treasury yields piled on pressure and investors got a reminder not to expect a Fed rate cut anytime soon.
During the first nine months of this year, the market story has been primarily one of discount rates.
The yields on U.S. Treasury bonds appear to be undergoing weeks of uncontrollable ascent, causing ripple effects in financial ...
Plenty of ink has been spilled about how much money has gone into active ETFs in 2023, and from a pure top-line flows perspective, it’s true. A significant chunk of the $289 billion that has entered U.S.-listed ETFs year to date went into active products — 22%, in fact. And that’s led to plenty of [...] The post 2023’s Overactive Active ETF Flows Are Mostly a Mirage appeared first on ETF Trends.
To gain an edge, this is what you need to know today. Three Classic Mistakes Pleaseclick herefor a chart of ...
The S&P 500 witnessed its worst month of 2023, losing 5% in September. Fears of higher rates for a longer-than-expected period took the sheen away from stocks in the month.
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September is historically the worst month of the year for stocks.
Early indications suggest another day of lackluster trading after two months of subdued market activity. Index futures point to a ...
On Monday, October 2, the U.S. stock market ended mixed. The S&P 500 remained almost unchanged, with utilities experiencing a ...
 If history is on our side, a Q4 market rally may be in store for investors. The S&P 500 gained an average of 5% during the fourth quarter of all years since 1990, rising in price 82% of the time.
In this video, Ira Epstein reviews the activity in the Financial Markets after the day that just ended, Monday, October 2.
The RBA is expected to hold rates unchanged today, but we still think there is a final hike in the pipeline later this quarter.
We’re still bearish overall, but the 60-minute charts are telling us these (2) Bear Traps could be a HUGE PAYDAY on Tuesday!
02 Oct, 2023
Transportation (IYT) is now underperforming SPY. Although consolidating after braking under the 200-DMA (green), it looks vulnerable.
For the Federal Government to have a balanced budget, they would have to tax back every dollar that they spend, leaving nothing in private bank accounts.
A discussion about inflation, stock-bond relative performance, equity valuations, and Fed monetary policy implications.
Treasury bonds sold as yields reach new multi-year highs across the curve. Interest rate-sensitive sectors sold off hard today in response.
Looking at history, we see that small declines are very common, and very large drops are quite rare.
Both September and Q3 saw poor performance for markets across the board.
Five of the eight indexes on our world watchlist posted gains through October 2, 2023. Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 finished in the top spot with a YTD gain of 21.71%. The U.S.’ S&P 500 finished in second, with a YTD gain of 12.14%, while India’s BSE SENSEX finished in third, with a YTD gain of 7.40%. World [...] The post World Markets Watchlist: October 2, 2023 appeared first on ETF Trends.
A discussion how pros and cons working in tandem plus why commodities are still a thing.
The trend-following megastar of 2022 is at it again heading into the fourth quarter. The iMGP DBi Managed Futures Strategy ETF (DBMF) posted strong third-quarter gains when equities and bonds both fell, and is trending in strong buy territory. DBMF generated significant performance last year when equities and bonds both fell. Though it faced challenges [...] The post DBMF a Strong Buy at Start of Fourth Quarter appeared first on ETF Trends.
The Nasdaq alone was in the green as investors weighed the US funding deal and fresh auto delivery figures.
Markets are lower on the first day of the fourth quarter, as yields reach fresh highs while stocks fumbled between gains and losses.
October kicked off with a familiar refrain, echoing the turbulence that characterized September. Once again, the persistent surge in ...
Despite the fact that the calendar has flipped to October and that the best six-month span for the stock market will quickly be upon us, the direction of yields seems to be the focus on a daily basis.
The managers of the Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences Fund have direct experience to help them separate promising innovators from flashes in the pan.
US Markets This Analyst With 83% Accuracy Rate Sees Over 35% Upside In - Here Are 5 Stock Picks For Q3 From Wall ...
U.S. manufacturing activity rebounded unexpectedly in September, suggesting the sector may be emerging from a prolonged slump. The ...
To gain an edge, this is what you need to know today. Volatility Ahead Pleaseclick herefor a chart of SPDR S&P ...
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Getting invested in the market is a wise move to make.
Last week was once again packed with several key economic releases that helped provide insight into the overall state of the U.S. economy. Policymakers, advisors, and analysts closely monitor these indicators to gauge recession risk and understand the direction of interest rates because the data can ultimately impact business decisions and financial markets. In the [...] The post Economic Growth: The Role of Consumer Consumption and Confidence appeared first on ETF Trends.
In this week’s Dirty Dozen we look at the troubling flip in our yield leads, talk about the diverging short and long term technical signals for stocks, walk through the latest CoT data, pitch a long copper and a short USDJPY trade, plus more…
On Friday, September 29, the U.S. stock markets ended mixed as investors processed the effects of U.S. inflation report on the Federal ...
01 Oct, 2023
Monday‘s close above 4,265 means that the bears have gone to sleep again, and downleg continuation is called off.
30 Sep, 2023
In this video, Ira Epstein reviews the activity in the Financial Markets after the day that just ended, Friday, September 29.
How does September 2023 compare to past periods of economic distress? Are signs of an emerging economic and debt crisis starting to appear?
In this video, Tim Knight reviews the action in 12 major ETFs
29 Sep, 2023
The S&P 500 closed September with a monthly loss of 4.93%, after a loss of 1.71% in August. At this point, after close on the last day of the month, three of five Ivy portfolio ETFs — Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Index Fund (VEU), iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF (IEF) and Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ) — are [...] The post Moving Averages: S&P Finishes September Down 4.9% appeared first on ETF Trends.
The U.S. stock market has weathered its toughest month of the year, with September adhering to its typical negative seasonality in terms ...
It was another strong week for launches, with 21 new ETFs added to the industry count. That number includes funds from Capital Group, Dimensional, American Century, BlackRock, J.P. Morgan, YieldMax and newcomer GGM. A New Brand in ETFs Over the summer, ETF issuer and roboadvisor FormulaFolios merged with Brookstone Capital Management, adopting the Brookstone name. [...] The post This Week in ETFs: FormulaFolios Renamed, Adds New Funds appeared first on ETF Trends.
The Nasdaq led gains, but the major stock indexes were on track for sharp monthly and quarterly losses on the final trading day of September.
The stock market took a hit on Friday as hard-line conservatives derailed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy‘s last-ditch effort to pass ...
The 23Q2 Y/Y blended earnings growth estimate is -2.8%. If the energy sector is excluded, the growth rate for the index is 3.6%.
After a relatively strong first half, equity performance turned volatile in the third quarter. Despite volatility and downturn, the NEOS S&P 500 High Income ETF (SPYI) generated better total returns than the S&P 500. The S&P 500 is on track to close down both for the month and for the quarter later today. Much remains uncertain [...] The post SPYI Outperforms SPY in Challenging Third Quarter appeared first on ETF Trends.
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The journey this year for bank ETFs has been anything but smooth. However, the tables are probably turning for the segment as the rates are peaking and the yield curve is steepening.
The potential pause of government services on Oct. 1 casts a shadow on various sectors — not least of which are education and research ...
On Friday, the Bureau of Economic Analysis delivered its eagerly awaited report on the Price Consumption Expenditure (PCE) price index, ...
28 Sep, 2023
If you own SPY stock, you'll never trail the S&P 500. The expense ratio is low and you're diversified across 500 stocks and 11 sectors. Just know, you'll never beat the market, either.
Wall Street stocks opened in the red on Thursday, before recovering as investors digested fresh GDP data.
27 Sep, 2023
The stock gains came in spite of a continued rise in the price of oil and an uptick in Treasury yields.
Bank of America's optimism about the S&P 500's performance provides a glimmer of hope for investors. Their recommendation of the equal-weighted S&P 500 as a potentially better bet than the traditional index reflects a belief in the strength of smaller sized companies during the recovery phase.
Yields and dollars are surging and history shows that that often coincides with a tough time for stocks.
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26 Sep, 2023
Stocks pulled back as Wall Street continued to face up to the prospect of a long period of high interest rates.
Overall, ETFs pulled out $6.7 billion in capital last week, with U.S. equity ETFs leading the way with $8.1 billion in outflows.
25 Sep, 2023
Wall Street stocks edged up Monday as investors assessed the Fed's path and a possible government shutdown.
The market is currently in a compelling state, likened to a tightly stretched rubber band with equal pressure from both sides, despite consumer discretionary stocks (XLY) having achieved gains of over 20% since the beginning of the year. This was discussed on Monday by Seana Smith and Brad Smith, who invited Dylan Ratigan, host of TastyTrade's Truth or Skepticism, to join them.
Pablo Hernandez de Cos, a member of the European Central Bank's (ECB) Governing Council, stated on Monday that keeping current borrowing costs stable could help Euro-area inflation align with the ECB's 2% target. This strategy is designed to strike a balance between avoiding insufficient tightening, which may obstruct reaching the inflation goal, and excessive tightening that could potentially harm economic activity and employment.
The U.S. federal government could face a shutdown on October 1, if politicians fail to reach a budget agreement. This impending situation could cause temporary economic damage due to reduced consumer confidence and interruptions in defense and healthcare spending. However, the impact is expected to be short-lived, as previous shutdowns have typically lasted only a few days and most employees have received back pay.
22 Sep, 2023
Stocks ended the week lower after selling off amid the prospect of prolonged high interest rates.
The U.S. Federal Reserve is contemplating additional interest rate hikes this year in response to persistent inflation, according to Governor Michelle Bowman's remarks on Friday. Despite significant strides in curbing inflation, Bowman emphasized the need for continued efforts during a speech to banking professionals in Colorado.
Investors are left in a tough situation after an illuminating press conference where Fed Chair Jerome Powell poured cold water on optimists.

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