Stripe – Upcoming IPO

What is Stripe?
Stripe is a global technological business that creates the financial foundation of the internet. The company’s software is used by enterprises of all sizes, from new startups to publicly traded firms like Salesforce and Facebook, to accept online payments and manage intricate international operations. Stripe combines financial foundations with a selection of tools for emerging business models, including marketplaces and crowdsourcing, fraud detection, analytics, and more. In order to introduce new features, Stripe works closely with internet giants like Apple, Google, Alipay, Tencent, Facebook, and Twitter while navigating the unpredictable regulatory landscape throughout the world.

When is the Stripe IPO date?
The exact date of Stripe’s IPO is not yet known. With the high level of private ownership demand, there is no immediate need for Stripe to go public. However, a future IPO to allow early investors to receive their money is becoming more likely as Stripe has expanded its equity shareholders to include more venture capital firms.

Until one of two things happens, we won’t know the date:
– The Stripe IPO date range leaks to the financial press.
– The SEC releases a publicly-available Stripe S-1 filing.

Latest News on the Stripe IPO:

08/22/2022: T. Rowe Cuts Stripe, Instacart Valuations After Tech Selloff
07/14/2022: WSJ: Stripe Cuts Internal Valuation by 28% ($74 billion)
07/07/2022: Stripe partners Revolut to support payments and expansion
06/13/2022: Stripe’s Growing Pains: A Payments Star Hits Snags in Push for Big Businesses
05/26/2022: Collison Brothers Built Stripe Into A $95 Billion Unicorn With Eye-Popping Financials
05/17/2022: Stripe Ranked #8 on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 List
05/12/2022: Stripe takes a swing at Plaid
04/22/2022: Stripe jumps into crypto with a feature that lets Twitter users get paid in stablecoin
04/12/2022: Stripe teams up with major tech companies to commit $925 million toward carbon capture
04/12/2022: Is Stripe cheap at $95 billion?
02/16/2022: Stripe Leads $75 Million Investment Round Into Payroll Infrastructure Startup Check
11/25/2021: Stripe is Open to Accepting Crypto Payments Again
11/23/2021: Stripe co-founder says the fintech giant is ‘very happy’ staying private
Older news…

Funding History:
Apr 16, 2019:
Sep 19, 2019:
Jan 29, 2019:$1,000,000,000
Sep 27, 2018:
Nov 25, 2016: $1,500,000,000
Jul 31, 2015: $1,000,000,000
Dec 2, 2014: $700,000,000
May 15, 2014: $320,000,000
Jan 22,2014:

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