S&P 500 (SPY) Report – 12/06/23

Good morning, traders!

The S&P 500 ($SPY) is trading above yesterday’s close. Let’s get into it…

The U.S. stock futures trade higher as investors reacted favorably to recent economic data suggesting a decline in inflation. This optimism is rooted in several key indicators. Firstly, a decrease in labor costs hints at a potential easing of inflationary pressures. Additionally, an increase in productivity signals healthy economic growth and raises hopes for cooling down the economy without triggering a recession. Private payroll data further indicated a contraction in the job market, which has been a challenging area for the Federal Reserve.

The market’s response was not uniform across all sectors. Cloud company Box experienced a significant loss, dropping over 12% following a third-quarter report that fell short of analyst expectations. Meanwhile, MongoDB also saw a decline, despite surpassing analysts’ forecasts. In contrast, homebuilder Toll Brothers enjoyed a nearly 2% rise after exceeding top and bottom line expectations. These varied performances came in the context of the Dow and the S&P 500 closing lower for two consecutive days, while the Nasdaq Composite showed gains led by technology shares.

Despite recent losses, the overall trend for the stock indexes remains positive, with five consecutive weeks of gains. This trend suggests a strong finish for the quarter and the year. However, looking into the future, analysts express caution. Chris Senyek, chief investment strategist at Wolfe Research, predicts a potential 8% drop in the S&P 500 by the end of 2024. He attributes this to the delayed impact of Federal Reserve rate hikes, which he believes will significantly affect the economy in the coming year.

Underpinning these market movements are critical economic figures. The Labor Department reported that unit labor costs, which measure wages against output, fell more than initially estimated in the third quarter. This decrease indicates a reduction in the cost of labor per unit of output. On the other hand, productivity, or output per hour, showed a robust increase, surpassing both initial estimates and expectations. This combination of falling labor costs and rising productivity provides a nuanced backdrop to the stock market’s current dynamics.

Wednesday Economic Events:
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ADP Employment Report 8:15am ET – High Volatility Expected
International Trade in Goods 8:30am ET
Productivity and Costs 8:30am ET
EIA Petroleum Report 10:30am ET – High Volatility Expected

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