S&P 500 (SPY) Report – 11/06/23

Good morning traders!

The S&P 500 ($SPY) is trading near Friday’s close. Let’s get into it…

US stock futures appear optimistic for the start of the new week, building on the previous week’s strong performance. This positivity stemmed from the belief that the Federal Reserve might pause its interest rate hikes soon. Investors were hopeful as S&P 500 futures rose slightly, and Dow Jones Industrial Average futures remained stable. Even tech-focused Nasdaq 100 futures experienced a modest increase. This upbeat mood was a continuation from the previous Friday, when slower job growth and easing wage inflation fueled hopes for a halt in the Fed’s interest rate increases.

Investors were particularly attentive to the potential signals from the Federal Reserve. Several Fed officials, including Chair Jerome Powell, were scheduled to speak during the week. Their remarks were highly anticipated as market participants looked for any confirmation of a shift in monetary policy. The presence of regional Fed presidents such as John Williams and Raphael Bostic on the speaking roster added to the sense of anticipation.

Despite the prevailing optimism, some financial experts warned that this positive sentiment might be premature. For instance, Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson suggested that the recent stock market rebound could be a temporary “bear market rally,” meaning it might not signal a lasting upward trend. This cautionary stance hinted that the markets could still experience significant ups and downs in the near term.

On the corporate front, a number of companies were set to release their quarterly earnings, with Disney’s results being particularly noteworthy. In the commodity markets, oil prices experienced a sharp increase. This was due to Saudi Arabia and Russia confirming their commitment to additional production cuts over the weekend. West Texas Intermediate and Brent crude, two benchmarks for oil prices, both saw their prices rise, indicating a potentially higher cost for this crucial energy resource in the global market.

Monday Economic Events:
3 and 6 Month Bill Auction 11:30am ET
Investor Movement Index 12:30pm ET

Fed Speaker Scheduled:
Lisa Cook 11:00am ET

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