Flexport – Upcoming IPO

What is Flexport?
Flexport is global logistics company that offers software as a service (SaaS), that assists business clients in managing their global supply chains. They are a well-established supplier of cloud software and data analytics platforms for international trade. Flexport has over 10,000 customers that follow worldwide supply chains such as ocean, air, and trucking, to make data-driven decisions and streamline businesses.

When is the Flexport IPO date?
The business is currently funded by its most recent fundraising rounds and cash flow as of February 2022.

Before some of the following events take place, we won’t have a better idea of when the Flexport IPO date is:
– Flexport announces a Series F funding round.
– The financial press receives leaked information on the date of the Flexport IPO.
– Flexport reports (or leaks) that it filed an S-1 with the SEC.
– The SEC makes a Flexport S-1 file available to the public.
– Flexport chooses a lead underwriter or banking partner for the IPO.
– Press leak or announcement of an impending SPAC merger.

Latest News on the Flexport IPO:

06/13/2022: Why Flexport’s Founder and CEO Replaced Himself With an Amazon Exec
06/08/2022: Forbes: Amazon’s Consumer Chief Dave Clark Joins Flexport As CEO
05/17/2022: Flexport Ranked #1 on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 List
03/08/2022: Swashbuckling $3 billion company is trying to fix the supply-chain crisis
02/07/2022: Flexport raises nearly $1 billion in funding, adds Shopify, Michael Dell as investors
02/07/2022: Flexport Is Silicon Valley’s Solution To The Supply Chain Mess
11/30/2021: Flexport Founder: Supply Chain Problems Won’t Be Solved Anytime Soon
11/27/2021: Shipping is broken. Flexport’s CEO has a plan to fix the supply
10/08/2021: Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen tells Cramer the shipping backlog is not improving
06/04/2021: What the Global Shipping Crunch Means for Small Business
05/25/2021: CNBC Disruptor 50: Flexport
05/24/2021: Sea change: global freight sails out of the digital dark ages
02/25/2021: Founder’s Field Guide – Interview with Ryan Petersen, CEO of Flexport
02/04/2020: Layoffs hit Flexport, another SoftBank-backed startup worth $3.2B
02/21/2019: Flexport Secures $1 Billion in Funding Led by SoftBank Vision Fund

Funding History:
Feb 7, 2022: $935,000,000
Apr 27, 2018: $1,000,000,000
Apr 27, 2018: $100,000,000
Sep 21, 2017:
Sep 26, 2016: $65,000,000
Aug 6, 2015: $22,000,000

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