28 Mar, 2023


27 Mar, 2023
The tech-heavy benchmark has rallied nearly 20% from its December lows as investors rotate into technology and shift out of banks, as expectations for rate cuts increase.
The S&P 500 Climbed 1.4% from the previous week's close to wrap up the trading week ending Friday, 24 March 2023 at 3970.99.
24 Mar, 2023
"Ain't nothing more dangerous than a bear at the end of a bear market,"Bank of America investment strategist Michael ...
The market may have some answers post-Fed decision, but things are still on edge.
23 Mar, 2023
Major indices are higher following a better-than-expected initial jobless claims report and as investors digest Wednesday's 25 basis ...
22 Mar, 2023
S&P 500 futures little changed, reversing a modest drop earlier in the session, and were set for a muted open on Wednesday after two days of gains.
Symbols mentioned in this story: DIA, GS, MCD, AMGN Exchange traded funds (ETFs) trade just like stocks, but instead of ''shares'' investors are actually buying and selling ''units''. These ''units'' can be traded back and forth just like stocks, but can also be created or destroyed to accommodate investor demand..
21 Mar, 2023
Looking at the S&P 500 chart on a weekly timeframe, SPY needs a weekly close over the 50-week moving average at 395-396.
20 Mar, 2023
Perhaps SMH is telling us that whilst IWM holds the December lows, the market can still rally.
Looking at the major US index ETFs shows just how disconnected the Nasdaq 100 has become from other major index ETFs recently.
One of the biggest stories from the weekend is the buyout of Swiss bank Credit Suisse Group AG (NYSE: CS), one of the oldest banks in ...
19 Mar, 2023
Stocks continued their trend downward. Contagion fears about the banking sector continue to keep investors on the sidelines. But the U.S. Government and Federal Reserve have moved decisively to contain the collapse of SVB and Signature banks.
The market's downtrend underway since early February was quelled last week, but not decisively. Some of the indices were able to fight their way back above technical resistance. Others were not.
16 Mar, 2023
With PPI and CPI coming in softer, on the heels of banks in crisis, the market turned its attention to the notion the Fed will reduce rates this year.
14 Mar, 2023
Instead of buying put options to protect themselves against more pain, most impaled stock market investors are inventing silly reasons to stay in the market.
Year-over-year CPI, or the "inflation Rate," came in at +6.0%, just as expected, and 40 bps lower than January.
13 Mar, 2023
The price chart of silver shows it gapping above the 200-day moving average or green line.
Symbols mentioned in this story: DIA, GS, TRV, WMT Exchange traded funds (ETFs) trade just like stocks, but instead of ''shares'' investors are actually buying and selling ''units''. These ''units'' can be traded back and forth just like stocks, but can also be created or destroyed to accommodate investor demand..
A potential area for support and buyers was quickly undone by the panic generated by the collapse of the SVB. While I tend to go with technicals over fundamentals, this looks to be a case where the fundamentals did override the technicals.
09 Mar, 2023
Wall Street is looking for signs of a labor market slowdown ahead of a potential recession.
Initial Jobless Claims raced ahead to 211K last week from an unrevised 190K the previous week -- the highest read we've seen so far in 2023.
US futures dropped on Thursday, led by tech companies, as yesterday's late, 3:30pm surge which brought stocks back to unchanged levels is being tested ahead of tomorrow's payroll reports.
Look out for big tech stocks like Apple, Google etc. to set the wave count for the Nasdaq and S&P 500 on the bullish side of the market, however also look at the bigger bearish count for the S&P 500 and when that would set up.
A hawkish Jerome Powell is upending market expectations of a "no landing" scenario.
Stocks fluctuated again today ahead of the Non-Farm Payrolls report on Friday. Gold and silver finished a little lower to unchanged. The Dollar chopped sideways.
08 Mar, 2023
In this video Ira Epstein reviews the days trading in the Financial markets for the trading day just ended Tuesday, March 7.
Jerome Powell brought reality to the market.
06 Mar, 2023
The 23-month moving average or a 2-year business cycle is particularly important this year after a big up then down year-looms large.
These sound businesses might be a worthy addition to your portfolio.
05 Mar, 2023
How meaningful was Thursday's intraweek reversal and Friday's follow-through? Was it just an oversold bounce or big trouble for the bears?
After 4 weeks of consecutive, albeit small, negative performance weeks for most of the major indices, we finally got a positive week fueled by two up days in the S&P 500, the Dow, the NASDAQ 100, and Small and Midcap stocks.
The market could be starting something big and exciting, which brings new opportunities, and, eventually, some massive risk for investors.
03 Mar, 2023
A large number of Americans are not receiving adequate financial advice. Dr. Rhoiney, a renowned robotic surgeon and financial literacy enthusiast, has pointed out that many Americans are "locked out of financial advice," and this is a concerning trend that needs to be addressed. Dr. Rhoiney believes that financial literacy is an essential tool for building financial stability and security. Unfortunately, many Americans -- even the wealthy -- lack access to the kind of financial advice and education that can help them achieve their goals. This can be due to a lack of resources, geographical constraints, or simply not knowing where to turn for help. One of the most significant challenges facing many Americans is the rising cost of financial advice. Many financial advisors charge high fees that can be prohibitive for those who are struggling to make ends meet. This can create a vicious cycle in which individuals are unable to access the financial advice they need to improve their financial situation. Dr. Rhoiney believes that addressing this problem requires a multi-faceted approach. First and foremost, there needs to be more education and outreach to help individuals understand the importance of financial literacy. This can include initiatives at the community level, such as financial literacy classes or workshops, as well as national campaigns to raise awareness about the issue. Another key strategy is to provide more affordable financial advice. Dr. Rhoiney suggests that there needs to be greater competition in the financial advice industry to drive down costs and make advice more accessible. Additionally, there are emerging technologies, such as robo-advisors, that can provide low-cost financial advice to individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford it. However, such services are in their infnacy and are not robust. Beware Of Bad Advice From Financial Advisors – Forbes Advisor In conclusion, Dr. Rhoiney's observations highlight the urgent need to improve financial literacy and access to financial advice in America. As he points out, too many individuals currently don't have access to good financial advice. By taking a multi-faceted approach, we can help more Americans achieve financial stability and security.
Agricultural commodities have fallen a lot lately. Food supply and shortages remain a concern going into the spring and summer growing seasons.
02 Mar, 2023
Volume weighted average price (VWAP) was created in 1988 as a benchmark for institutions to determine the quality of their order execution. It is the average price for the day, weighted by volume, with each share traded getting equal weight. The cumulative average builds throughout the day, and if more volume comes in on an up move, the VWAP will rise, but if more volume comes in as the market moves lower, the VWAP will decline, and prices will be below it. According to veteran trader and founder Brian Shannon, CMT, we can determine with 100% accuracy who has control at the beginning of the day based on where the VWAP is in relation to it. When thinking about support and resistance levels, traders use the word "porosity," which is similar to drawing a trendline with a crayon instead of a straight edge, where the VWAP becomes a battleground in that area. He calls them levels of interest rather than levels of resistance. The anchored VWAP initiated from the all-time high for the NASDAQ, for instance. It measures sentiments with precision and tells us that from that top, the average long participant is losing money because the price is lower than the average, while the average short seller is making money. Shannon advises that as the market comes up to the anchored VWAP, not only will long people be looking to break even, but short sellers might put a big offer on there and try to scare the long holders out of it. He sees it as a transition of a balance of power, and if buyers are able to wrestle away control and take control of the trend, prices can re-emerge in a new uptrend supported by the average participant being in a profitable position and the average short seller scrambling to cover their losses. Shannon advises looking at the shorter-term timeframe for trend alignment and measuring sentiment and psychology to determine who is in control from a particular event. He suggests measuring VWAP from an event and looking for the first couple of days or two, where buyers gain control, and then a battle ensues where sellers regain control. By analyzing the sentiment and psychology, traders can determine whether the buyers or sellers have regained control and make informed trading decisions.
Steel Dynamics may be on the verge of another breakout after a month of price consolidation.
01 Mar, 2023
Yahoo Finance’s Jared Blikre is joined by Founder, Brian Shannon, CMT, as they discuss anchored VWAP.
In this video Ira Epstein reviews the action in the financial Markets for the trading day just ended, Tuesday, February 28.
The Dow is the only major US index in the red on a year-to-date basis as we close the books on February.
28 Feb, 2023
While Nasdaq got oversold on a shorter-term timeframe, the longer-term bias remains intact as long as the 21-DMA is at or above 50%.
Given the recent sell-off in aluminum, copper, and steel, industrial metals remain overall outperformers.
27 Feb, 2023
Friday saw indices take another hit lower, but most of the damage was done at the open (with gaps lower) and by end of day, the S&P and Nasdaq finished with small doji, rather than any more catastrophic candlesticks.
26 Feb, 2023
A week of hotter than expected data (especially in stickier-than-expected inflation-related data).
People dismiss Technical Analysis (TA) as voodoo but it works because people and algorithms use it. The point of TA is not to predict, but rather to identify lower risk entry points for buys and sell.
23 Feb, 2023
Technically, the index is surrounded by a number of negative pressures during its recent trading, on top of which is its trading along a major bearish trend line in the medium term.
SPX failed the 23-month moving average or 2-year business cycle, which if clears, signals a softer landing. Yet, it held the pivotal 3900 ahead of the Fed, signaling a no landing.
22 Feb, 2023
False premises abound, along with rationalizations about the weakness that generally focuses on the Fed's 'intentions' to continue battling inflation with higher interest rates.
21 Feb, 2023
The fed funds rate has gone up more than 450 basis points since last March and more tightening is on the way. This is yet to sufficiently make a serious dent in consumer inflation even as economic data particularly surrounding jobs have strengthened.
The Australian dollar struggles as the RBA’s hawkish meeting minutes put a cap on risk appetite. The price action has fallen back to the consolidation area around 0.6800 from late December.
20 Feb, 2023
Markets took another loss on Friday but there was no change in the larger picture. The key breakouts remain intact, and we are still waiting for the Dow Jones Industrial Average to make its move, but it remains close.
18 Feb, 2023
Our insightful end-of-the-week chart blitz.
16 Feb, 2023
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15 Feb, 2023
XRT is making lower highs each of the last 3 weeks but also has found a basis of support at 68.00.
Below is a look at ETFs that currently offer attractive buying opportunities. The ETFs included in this list are rated as buy candidates for two reasons. First, each of these funds is deemed to be in an uptrend based on the fact that its 50-day moving average is above its 200-day moving average, which are popular indicators for gauging long-term and medium-term trends, respectively. Second, each of these ETFs is also trading below its five-day moving average, thereby offering a near-term ‘buy on the dip’ opportunity, given the longer-term uptrend at hand. Note that this prospects list also features a liquidity screen by excluding ETFs with average trading volumes below the one million shares mark. As always, investors of all experience levels are advised to use stop-loss orders and practice disciplined profit-taking techniques. To get access to all ETF Database premium content, sign up for a free 14-day trial to ETF Database Pro.
14 Feb, 2023
Symbols mentioned in this story: DIA, GS, CAT, AMGN Exchange traded funds (ETFs) trade just like stocks, but instead of ''shares'' investors are actually buying and selling ''units''. These ''units'' can be traded back and forth just like stocks, but can also be created or destroyed to accommodate investor demand..
The key sectors (retail, transportation) have more to prove especially by clearing the 23-month moving average or 2-year business cycle.
09 Feb, 2023
What to know in markets on Thursday, February 9, 2023.
01 Feb, 2023
More boosts in store this year after Wednesday’s .25% boost as inflation worries central bankers.
13 Jan, 2023
10 Jan, 2023
06 Jan, 2023
At 3.5%, we are officially back down to pre-pandemic levels on unemployment.
30 Dec, 2022
We'll know a lot more about our economic situation a week from today than we do now.
23 Dec, 2022
Volumes ought to be rather low today, if we go by history. It's Christmas weekend, after all.
14 Dec, 2022
The FOMC statement today will be parsed carefully to see if there are any clues in the language whether this era of aggressive rate hikes is about to come to an end.
07 Dec, 2022
The "official" definition of a "Santa Claus Rally" is a stock market catching a bid the week between Christmas and New Year's Day -- after Christmas, not before.
23 Nov, 2022
We see higher-than-expected numbers this morning on weekly jobless claims, durable goods and airline travel.
03 Nov, 2022
With a Fed meeting still in our rearview mirror, these data points will not be directly consequential.
20 Oct, 2022
What to watch in markets Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022.
19 Oct, 2022
ICF and DXJ saw massive trading volumes in yesterday session.
30 Sep, 2022
+6.2% for the PCE Price Index year over year is down 20 bps from July.

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