Analyst Review – 01/29/24


$AAL – American AIrlines Group Inc.
Recent News
Citigroup analysts upgraded American Airlines from Neutral to Buy, raising their price target from $14 to $20. The upgrade is attributed to American Airlines’ strong demand for premium cabin offerings and diversified revenue streams, positioning it favorably in the market. Analysts are optimistic about the recovery in pricier tickets, particularly first-class, driven by business travel. Despite some hold ratings, there’s an increasing trend towards buy ratings for American Airlines, contributing to its stock’s positive movement. This upgrade comes amidst a mixed performance in the broader airline industry, as companies navigate post-COVID challenges and market volatility.

Brokerage Firm: Citi Group
Rating Change: Neutral >> Buy
Price Target: $14 >> $20

$DLTR -Dollar Tree Inc.
Recent News
JPMorgan analysts upgraded Dollar Tree to Overweight and increased its price target to $157 per share. The upgrade reflects Dollar Tree’s effective product mix, which includes leisure, fashion, home, party, and snack items. JPMorgan highlights Dollar Tree’s potential to outperform in same-store sales for the fourth quarter, emphasizing the shift in consumer spending trends. With cost of living adjustments potentially boosting spending for those aged 62 and older, and a projected $10 billion headwind in consumer spending for those under 62 in 2024, discount retailers like Dollar Tree are seen as well-positioned in this economic environment. Despite the broader retail sector facing difficulties, Dollar Tree’s product mix and its ability to navigate economic challenges have led to a positive outlook from JPMorgan.

Brokerage Firm: JP Morgan
Rating Change: Neutral >> Overweight
Price Target: $122 > $157




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