After Hours Volume – 01/12/22

THE AFTER HOUR BUZZ – Please trade the below stocks at your own risk, DailyBubble is not responsible for your market choices. We are basing the below list on volatility, i.e. these stocks may present multiple opportunities to trade throughout the day. The below stocks are not guaranteed to go on a ‘run,’ as many would say; likewise, if a stock is reported, the ‘run’ may be multiple (1-3) days. Never trade or invest with more than you are willing to lose! Please make sure you have done your own Due Diligence. For further information, please review our Disclaimer policy.

$MRIN: Marin Software Incorporated. is currently up 6.96% at 5:05 PM EST after today’s close. Marin Software shares are trading higher after the company announced it added support for Microsoft’s LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.
Shares Outstanding: 15.49M Share Float: 15.07M

$PBYI: Puma Biotechnology, Inc. is currently up 16.24% at 5:02 PM EST after today’s close. Shares are trading higher after the company announced its NERLYNX was included in two important NCCN Clinical Practice Guideline updates for the treatment of breast cancer.
Shares Outstanding: 40.81M Share Float: 35.42M

$PIK: Kidpik Corp. is currently up 35.30% at 4:56 PM EST after today’s close. Kidpik is continuing to trade higher on abnormally-high volume Wednesday, following a strong move yesterday.
Shares Outstanding: 7.62M Share Float: 1.12M


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